Living Mercy

Living Mercy

Fountain of Mercy
… Ocean of Grace

Parishioners and friends of a Louisiana Catholic Church experience the life-changing impact of the devotion to Divine Mercy, as well as the 1,000 people per week who attend the annual Lenten novena.

QuickHelp Productions and FOCUS Worldwide Network, with help from TBA and TBA, team to co-produce the compelling half-hour documentary, Living Mercy.  Featuring interviews with staff, parishioners and friends at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church (Baton Rouge, LA), Living Mercy is tentatively scheduled to premiere throughout the country on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 15, 2012, via the FOCUS Worldwide Network.  

For complete broadcast schedules or for schedules in other states, please GO to FOCUS TV ONLINE  or see local listings for more information. 

Videography by MR2 Productions
Chaplet Music Composed and Performed by Mary Rosenbloom
Living Mercy Theme Composed and Performed by Kenny Kleinpeter

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