EXCERPT: “Have Yourself a Very ‘Mercy’ Christmas”

Beautiful excerpt from The National Shrine of Divine Mercy’s website: “Have Yourself a Very ‘Mercy’ Christmas”

(David Came, author, is the executive editor of Marian Helper magazine, the flagship publication of the Association of Marian Helpers, which is headquartered in Stockbridge, Mass.)

For the complete article, please access: http://thedivinemercy.org/news/story.php?NID=2503&PLID=73

1. God wants to us to grow in joy and wonder at the coming of His Son, Mercy Incarnate. Then our hearts will be prepared to receive Him on Christmas.

As we consider with amazement the mystery of God becoming man in Jesus, we should slow down and contemplate His great love and mercy towards us in the Incarnation. Saint Faustina speaks of this mystery of “Mercy Incarnate” and tells us that even “heaven is amazed” by it:

The Word becomes flesh; God dwells among us, the Word of God, Mercy Incarnate. By Your descent, You have lifted us up to Your divinity. Such is the excess of Your love, the abyss of Your mercy. Heaven is amazed at the superabundance of your love. No one fears to approach You now. You are the God of mercy. You have compassion on misery (Diary of St. Faustina, 1745).

In quiet prayer, draw close to this God of mercy who has such compassion on your misery. Try to minimize distractions in your daily schedule. Spend time before the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in an adoration chapel. Turn off the car radio during your commute to ponder the superabundance of God’s love for you in sending His Son. As you wake up and fall asleep, take a few moments to thank God for the great gift of His Son. Ask Him to fill you with joy, wonder, and amazement as you prepare for the coming of your Savior at Christmas.

This kind of spiritual preparation will make your heart ready to receive the Baby Jesus on Christmas — to hold Him close to your heart. Consider the wonder and joy of St. Faustina as she encountered the Christ Child on Christmas Eve in 1937:

When I arrived at Midnight Mass, from the very beginning I steeped myself in deep recollection, during which time I saw the stable of Bethlehem filled with great radiance. The Blessed Virgin, all lost in the deepest of love, was wrapping Jesus in swaddling clothes, but Saint Joseph was still asleep. Only after the Mother of God put Jesus in the manger did the light of God awaken Joseph, who also prayed. But after a while, I was left alone with the Infant Jesus who stretched out His little hands to me, and I understood that I was to take Him in my arms. Jesus pressed His head against my heart and gave me to know, by His profound gaze, how good He found it to be next to my heart (Diary, 1442).

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