Living Mercy: Call for Prayer!

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year’s Eve! Reflecting upon this past year, with all its ups and downs, it was truly a wonderful year for Divine Mercy!

2010 was a wonderful year for local Church and our diocese, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary! It was a wonderful year for our universal Church, when Pope Benedict beatified our beloved Pope John Paul on Divine Mercy Sunday, May 1! It was also a wonderful year for the New Evangelization, which saw the release of the beautiful video series, Catholicism, which I personally believe reflects Bl. John Paul’s call to the media to help bring the Gospel to all peoples.

This past October at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, I was blessed to have the opportunity to meet and to talk with Fr. Robert Barron, who created the series. He was very open about prayer, particularly the intercession of St. Theresa of Liseaux, being responsible for getting the series produced, as well as underwritten. This was no small task, because the series cost $3 million dollars to produce! The challenges Fr. Barron faced were even more daunting, because production for the series began in 2008, just when the economy collapsed.

From an earthly point-of-view, Fr. Barron faced an impossible task! However, as we – and Fr. Barron – all know, “With God, all things are possible!”

Our own local underwriting committee will begin its work to in January to obtain funding for our local production Living Mercy. Most of our members are not professional or volunteer fundraisers! However, we all have a deep love for Our Lord, Our Lady and our Church! We all believe that we will have their blessing upon our work, and we will obtain the underwriting to complete our production and to get it broadcast via FOCUS Worldwide Network!

However, we all know we cannot accomplish our goals without the aid of prayer! I humbly and seriously request that you join us in prayer for these special intentions!

The Novena to Our Lady of Prompt Succor, who is the patroness of New Orleans and Louisiana, begins today! Please consider joining us in saying these beautiful prayers, which are so special to our own Louisiana Catholic culture! Here is the link for the novena.

If you have other favorite prayers and prefer to say those instead, please do! Whatever the prayer(s) you say, I know Our Lord and Our Lady will be pleased that our work is committed – FIRST AND FOREMOST – to following God’s Will!

I trust Jesus will pour out His Mercy upon all of us and our wonderful production, which will proclaim His Salvation for all people. As a favorite saint-in-waiting, Ven. Fr. Solanus Casey, urged, I “thank God ahead” for all your help and prayer support!
From the bottom of my heart, thanks!


P.S. What is so special about our project is that Our Lord’s Mercy will be proclaimed, beginning right here in Baton Rouge! I’m especially grateful for that, because I truly love Baton Rouge – and Louisiana! And I know you do too!!!

Connie Anderson, M.Ed.
Development Specialist/Media Producer & Videographer

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