Living Mercy: EWTN New Broadcast Time – TBA!

The Divine Mercy Novena

Friends!  I really apologize!!!  I do not know what happened, but Living Mercy is not airing right now on EWTN.  I’ve sent an email to a friend at EWTN to find out when the documentary may re-air.  I will get back w you as soon as I know anything!  Thanks for your patience and support!

P.S. DVD copies of Living Mercy (EWTN Cut) are available via EWTN’s Home Catalogue and NOW also in the Gift Shop in Irondale, AL!

This edition was produced exclusively for EWTN, and is not available elsewhere.  To order online, please go to:

ALL proceeds go to support EWTN’s media apostolate. Thank you for your help!

Connie Anderson, Producer-Writer
QuickHelp Productions

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