Living Mercy DVDs are now available from EWTN's Video Catalogue!

Living Mercy DVDs are now available from EWTN’s Video Catalogue!

QuickHelp Productions (Owner/Producer, Constance F. Anderson) and FOCUS Worldwide Network (Founder/former Host, New Orleans’ late Archbishop Philip Hannan) team to co-produce the half-hour documentary, Living Mercy. The video spotlights the parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy Church (Baton Rouge, LA) and the life-changing impact the devotion to Divine Mercy has had upon them, as well as the 1,000 people per week who attend the Church’s annual Lenten novena.

Although Living Mercy is set in Louisiana, its scope is “universal.” Together with live action footage and compelling stills, Living Mercy’s interviews reveal how the devotion has impacted countless lives, locally, nationally and globally.

The documentary’s primary goal is to show how Our Lord never abandons us, especially in our greatest need, standing ever ready to renew His relationship with us, not only for our own salvation, but also for the sake of the “whole world.” The target audience includes people of all Faiths, as well as those of Good Will.

A secondary goal is to encourage Catholic churches, locally, nationally and internationally, to promote devotion to Our Lord’s Divine Mercy by introducing the annual Lenten novena as part of their Easter preparation.

Living Mercyfeatures interviews with Our Lady of Mercy Parish staff, parishioners and friends (in order of appearance): Mr. Joshua Johnson (Seminarian, Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA), Most Rev. Miles Walsh (Pastor), Deacon Richard Grant (Pastoral Associate),  Mrs. Carol Dazzio (Parishioner), Mrs. Theresa Henderson (Friend & Baton Rouge Coordinator , MAGNIFICAT) Mrs. Mary Rosenbloom (Divine Mercy Novena Cantor), Mr. Lloyd Plaisance (Parishioner), Mrs. Margaret Beiser (Parishioner), Deacon Eugene Brady (Diocesan Liaison, Baton Rouge Nursing Homes), and Rev. Arun John (Parochial Vicar).

Living Mercy will premiere locally in Baton Rouge on Divine Mercy Sunday (April 15) on CatholicLife Television from 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM.  Beginning on Thursday, April 19, Living Mercy will air nationally via the FOCUS Worldwide (Media) Network , which includes both television and Internet.  DVDs of the program will also be available for purchase via the FOCUS online store:


For more information about Living Mercy, or to become an underwriter, please contact Connie Anderson, QuickHelp Productions, email: quickhelpproductions@cox.net.

To preview rough-cut videos, please access: http://www.youtube.com/user/cfanderson1

Copyright 2012 QuickHelp Productions

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