Living Mercy: Now Available via EWTN’s Home Catalogue!


“Living Mercy’s” Updated DVD Cover

Living Mercy

Now available via EWTN‘s Home Catalogue!  To order, please go to:

ALL proceeds from sales go to support EWTN’s Global TV Network ministry!

Living Mercy: EWTN Confirms Global Premiere for Lent 2013!

Dear Friends, I have great news!  I just heard from EWTN’s Director of Program Acquisitions, John Elson, who  confirmed that  EWTN will broadcast Living Mercy via its global television network on Friday, February 15, 2013 from  3 AM and again at 6:30 PM EST.   Please let your  family and friends both here and abroad know the airdate and times.

May you have a Blessed  Advent, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Connie Anderson, QH Productions

Living Mercy: Final Edits Complete! Awaiting EWTN Confirmation of Lent 2013 Broadcast Date!

Dear Friends, I have great news!  I just heard from FOCUS Worldwide TV Network’s Mary Salzer, who has completed the final edits for Living Mercy.  Mary is now sending the completed program to EWTN for international broadcast, which will take place sometime during Lent 2013.  I will keep you posted with details,  when the broadcast date has been confirmed!  Thanks again for your prayers, support and kind words of encouragement!  Blessings, Connie Anderson, QH Productions

Living Mercy: Edits – nearing completion!


Please keep Mary Salzer/FOCUS in prayer today, as they complete the final edits on our documentary, Living Mercy.  When complete, we will send the video to EWTN for its international debut, upon final approval during Lent 2013!  Thanks!

Living Mercy: Final Edits On Track for EWTN Broadcast, Lent 2013

Just finished what I hope will be the final edits for Living Mercy, as per EWTN’s requests.   If all goes well, Living Mercy will air on the international television network during Lent 2013!  Please keep FOCUS (Mary Salzer) in prayer as she completes our program.

And thanks again to Fr. Miles Walsh (Our Lady of Mercy Church, Baton Rouge), as well as to our generous donors, for their support and encouragement!

Bless you! Connie Anderson

Living Mercy: CatholicTV Broadcast Times Update!

Living Mercy will continue to air nationally via the CatholicTV Network at the following times: Tuesday, 4/17 – 4:00AM (EDT) and Saturday, 4/21 – 5:00AM (EDT). To view online, please go to

Living Mercy: For Those Who Missed Our Local and National Premieres!

For those of you who missed our local and national premieres, Living Mercy will continue to air in Baton Rouge on CatholicLife Television (COX 15) at the following times (CDT):  Tuesday, April 17 @ 4:00pm; Thursday, April 19 @ 9:00pm; and Saturday, April 21 @ 10:30am.  To view online, please go to

Living Mercy will continue to air nationally via the CatholicTV Network at the following times: Tuesday, 4/17 – 4:00am (EDT) and Saturday, 4/21 – 5:00am (EDT).  To view online, please go to

Living Mercy: CatholicTV’s PSA Promoting Our National Premiere!

Diving Mercy Sunday is approaching, and we’re so pleased to be able to offer special programming in its honor.

Tune in this Sunday for our great Divine Mercy Sunday line-up, including the national premiere of Living Mercy, a moving documentary about the transformative power of devotion to Divine Mercy.

QuickHelp Productions: Support for Next Project!

Our Lady of Mercy Church pastor, Fr. Miles Walsh, who is featured in Living Mercy, has asked me to reserve some of the DVD proceeds to initiate new projects for QuickHelp Productions!   I’ve already outlined and registered my “treatment” on the WGA, and began making intial production calls today.  I will continue tomorrow and all this week to gather a working production crew! 
Several programs are on Louisiana‘s “real” local saints, blesseds and venerables.  Included in the working outline are:   Our Lady of Prompt Succor (our state’s patroness), Henriette Delille (foundress of the Holy Family Sisters), Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos (bringing relief to the sick  and suffering in post-Civil War New Orleans), St. Katherine Drexel (founding Xavier University/helping the poor), St. Mother Francis Cabrini (establishing schools), Bl. Pope JP II (Visit to NOLA) and Mother Teresa of Calcutta (establishing Baton Rouge convent). Included with the stories about recognizable saints will be stories of people thought to be saints-in-waiting.  The list must be “vetted,” however, before those names can be published.  Thanks for keeping us in prayer!

QuickHelp Productions: Soon to Formalize Non-Profit Status!

With the encouragement of Don Broussard/The Foundation of Mary (Living Mercy’s fiscal sponsor) and Rev. Miles Walsh, as well as several other program underwriters, QuickHelp Productions will be pursuing non-profit status for our next production!  Several projects are already “in the works!”  Details will be forthcoming soon!  Thanks for your interest and your support!  Blessings, Connie Anderson